How to Expunge a Record in Utah

How to Expunge Your Utah Criminal Record - Arrests, Conviction, Juvenile Record

Expunge Utah Criminal RecordIf you've been arrested, convicted, received probation, or spent time in prison, Utah offers many remedies depending on your case. Expungement of your criminal record will help to place your past behind you and move your future forward.

Expungement of Arrest Records

If you have an arrest record and were not convicted, you can have your record expunged. Although arrests are not as serious as convictions, they can be as equally detrimental when a background check is performed on you. IF you are not on probation or facing any new charges, you qualify under Utah Code Annotated Sections 77-88-10, 77-88-11, & 77-88-12 to have your arrest records expunged after 30 days. Eligibility test provide by this site's sponsor, Higbee & Associates. See their website for terms and conditions.

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Expungement of of Criminal Conviction Records

If you have been convicted in the State of Utah of a misdemeanor or felony, there are many options to have these records reduced, expunged or both. The requirements for having your Utah conviction expunged depends on the class of the offense and the waiting time after successful completion of your sentence and/or probation. As each expungement case is unique, you will want to consult an experienced expungement attorney. Below are some basic guidelines on determining if you are eligible to have your Utah conviction expunged.

Wait Times for Class of Offense (from time sentence and probation and parole is complete)

Expungement in Utah- Alcohol related traffic offense (Title 41) 10 Years
- Class "A" misdemeanor - 5 Years
- 2nd and 3rd Degree Felonies - 7 Years
- All other misdemeanors and infractions - 3 years
- Multiple Class "A" or "B" misdemeanors - 15 and 12 years

Offenses that are NOT eligible for expungement

- Capital Felony
- 1st Degree Felony
- Forcible 2nd Degree Felony
- Any sexual offense against a minor

If you have more than 3 offenses that you wish to have expunged, or if you have been convicted of more than one 2nd degree or 3rd degree felony, you must have your conviction reduced and then expunged. Utah law allows you reduce a conviction up to 2 degrees. Again, as each case is unique, there are many options to pursue in expunging your Utah criminal record. See our sponsor's information at, They have performed many successful criminal record expungements and reductions in Utah and, if you are eligible, they can help you expunge your conviction.

Juvenile Record Expungement

Utah Code Section 78A-6-1105 allows for the expungement of juvenile criminal records. After a juvenile record is expunged, the case is considered to have never happened. Expunging your Utah juvenile record allows you to enter adulthood with a "clean slate" allowing you to pursue opportunity without the negative effects of a criminal record. Below are some eligibility requirements to have your Utah juvenile record expunged.

- Be 18-years old
- Have no adult criminal record
- One year passed since the juvenile court terminated jurisdiction and all fines, fees, and restitution have been paid.

To learn about the potential benefits of getting your record expunged read our article on Utah expungement benefits. Additional information on expungement in Utah can be found at Utah's Division of Public Safety.